4/17/21 Jr. Pass # 1 and 2

4/17/21 Jr. Pass # 1 and 2

Social proof: testimonials

"Zach knows his stuff..."

Chris J. Virginia Beach, VA

"Ran labs for 15 years and honestly came on to see this not succeed...I ended up saving this as a future reference point for future dogs. I wanted to not like it, but Zach knows his stuff...and you get to watch his beard grow in it! lol"


Sara M., Green River, WY

"I was COMPLETELY lost the minute I shut the door from the breeder..."Now what?" I asked myself... Like anyone else I went to google and stumbled across Zach's program. I had ZERO knowledge of the training prior to enrolling... The fact that I found myself at a hunt test and PASSING...was not what I expected sitting in my car that day... easy to use! STUNNING!"

"Super excited for the remainder of the series!"

Dawn H., Watkins Glen, NY

"I have a 5-month-old Boykin and this training worked just as well for me, super excited for the remainder of the series!"

"This Pennsylvania dude got it right!"

Zack L. III, Haddonfield, NJ

"As a New Jersey resident, and this is the only time you'll catch me saying this... but this Pennyslyvania dude got this right! (we're still better drivers!!!)"

"He put EVERYTHING into this..."

Name Hidden Due to Service, Ft. Bragg, NC

"Served with Zach in the Army, heck of a leader and even better friend... when I got my first lab, I had no clue this (course) was released, played a prank on him saying I trained my own pup...HUGE SILENCE over the phone...then I told him...it was using his program. First time I ever heard him choke up a bit... He put EVERYTHING into this."

"It's not just for labs everyone! Love it!"

Taylor M., Big Rapids, MI

"I have 6 GSP's and I wanted to test how well one would do running gun dog work on the waterfowl side. Found this program and loved the price for a lifetime membership. Anyway, my GSP is already right on track and doing amazing with the help of this course! It's not just for labs everyone!! Love it!"

We don't use trained dogs!

Chase R., Quantico, VA

"I'm enjoying yours, I've learned a lot and (it's) better than any other ones I've found yet because they all use already trained dogs!"

“K.I.S.S. keep it stupid simple.“

Kenneth McKeown

“Zach is knowledgeable, to the point, precise, and is able to take the complexity of training and make it simple that anyone can understand. I have already seen an improvement in my training sessions.” Rated 5 out of 5


Richard C.

“I’ve been getting so sick and tired of going on “training” pages only to get bashed by the users for asking for help. Zach leaves his ego far behind, the detail in the curriculum is simply unreal! You want this program!”

"Don't Wait...Get it NOW!

Jacob H.

"This program truly is the best program. It took away all the stress I had with this process. Right from the beginning, you are learning. I highly recommend this course don't wait get it now. "

Course Features

  • Self-Paced

    We believe training a true quality gun-dog should never be rushed as other programs do. We ensure you take your time and only progress when completely ready.

  • Proven Training Scheme

    We instruct a training scheme designed specifically for gun-dog training that has been proven time and time again across a multitude of breeds! Now we are sharing it, with YOU!

  • On-The-Go

    Access this course from anywhere on the go! As long as you have a cell phone or tablet, you can watch and record any session you like and open it when it's time to train!

  • Gun-Dog Guarentee

    We know this is a big step for you and your companion. We are so confident in our process that we promise a hunt-ready gun-dog at the end of this course if followed properly!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Resource: Retriever Training Glossary (Sourced)

    • Resource: Go/No-Go Human Food List

    • Resource: Gun-Dog First Aid

    • Resource: First Aid - Collar Burn

    • Resource: Gun-Dog Academy - Session Planner

    • Resource: Puppy Teething Timeline

    • Resource: Zach's Recommended Toy List for Gun-Dogs

    • Resource: Zach's Recommended Gear List

    • Resource: You Get Me! (Lucky You!)

  • 2


    • Before You Begin: A Lay Of The Land

    • Introduction: Welcome! Your Journey Begins NOW!

    • Week 1: Acclimation = Transformation

    • Week 1: Exposure To Real Ducks

    • Week 2: Exposure To Water

    • Week 2: Exposure to Gunfire 1/2 (Low Pressure Method)

    • Week 2: Exposure To Gunfire 2/2 (Low Pressure Method)

    • Week 3: "PLACE!"

    • Week 3: Place Day 2

    • Week 3: Place Day 3 RESULTS!

    • Week 3: Unleashing Drive! (Inside)

    • Week 3: Unleashing Drive!

    • Week 4: Visual Association

    • Week 4: More Drive!

    • Week 4: Canine Hygiene

    • Week 4: Continuing to Unleash Drive in New Environments

    • Week 5: "Get Busy" & Kennel Training

    • Week 5: Drive Building with Transitional Terrain

    • Week 5: Desire with Rain Conditions

    • Week 5: Week 5 Summary

    • Week 6: Lead Work

    • Week 6: Slinger Familiarization and Retrieves from "Place"

    • Week 7: Bird Boy Marks

    • Week 7: Bird Boy Marks 2

    • Week 8: Introduction to the Bark Collar

    • Week 8: Summary/Hunting

    • Week 9: Retrieving from the Launcher

    • Week 10: Retrieves with Decoys

    • Week 11: Increasing our Distance on Decoy Retrieves

    • Week 11: Teething "Do's and Don't-s"

    • Week 12: Obedience (School Within A School)

    • Week 13: Need-to-Know Commands

    • Week 14: Stretching Out On Our Marks

    • Week 14: Conditioning Drill 1

    • Week 15: Blacktop Session/Crossing Roads

    • Week 16: The Double Double Drill/Conditioning Drill 2

    • Week 17: Collar Work In Conjunction With Commands

  • 3


    • Week 18: FETCH! (An Introduction)

    • Week 18: Confidence Marks

    • Week 19: Re-familiarizing Real Birds

    • Week 19: Fetch 2

    • Week 19: Introducing Doubles

    • Week 20: Training a High Drive, Jittery, and Energetic Pup!

    • Week 20: An Introduction to Blind Manners - To and From the Blind

    • Week 20: Lining Drills

    • Week 20: Layout Blind Exposure and Fun Retrieves

    • Week 20: Layout Blinds 2

    • Week 20: Layout Blinds 3

    • Week 21: The Y-Drill

    • Week 21: Summary

    • Week 22: Force Fetch 1

    • Week 22: Force Fetch 2

    • Week 22: Force Fetch 3

    • Week: 22: Force Fetch 4

    • Week 22: Force Fetch 5

    • Week 22: Force Fetch 6

    • Week 23: Force Fetch 7

    • Week 23: Force Fetch 8

    • Week 23: Force Fetch 9

    • Week 23: Walking Fetch Cont.

  • 4


    • Week 24: Learning To Train On The Fly

    • Week: 24 Force To Pile 1

    • Week 24: Force To Pile 2

    • Week 24: Force To Pile 3

    • Week 24: Force To Pile 4

    • Week 25: Force To Pile 5

    • Week 25: Force To Pile 6

    • Week 25: Casting "Back" 1

    • Week 25: Casting "Back" 2

    • Week 25: Casting "Back" 3

    • Week 26: Casting "Over" 1

    • Week 26: Mock Hunt Test

    • Week 26: Casting "Over" 2

    • Week 26: Casting "Over" 3

    • Week 26: Land-T 1

    • Week 27: Land-T 2

    • Week 27: Water Marks

    • Week 27: (Jr) A.K.C. HUNT TEST #1 & 2

    • Week 27: Land-T 3

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