Pricing Option

For a one-time fee, you unlock the entire Gun-Dog Curriculum! No monthly payments, no worrying about this or that, like training...we keep it simple. As new videos get uploaded, those who are enrolled will see those as well! For less than a single month at a trainer, you receive LIFETIME ACCESS.


  • Does the enrollment ever expire?

    Nope! Once and done! You unlock all the training material for life!

  • If we have issues with this training and need additional help, what then?

    When you officially enroll, you will be where you can chat with other students and Zach himself!

  • What do I gain from this course?

    This course answers the question, "what comes next?" With so many programs out there, how many give you the instructor's mobile number for questions and answers anytime.

  • What is the end goal?

    You will have an amazing gun-dog ready for the field or the hunt!

  • Is this course in real time?

    Yes, we follow the life of "Fury" and each episode that is added happens that day!

  • Does the course include Force Fetch?

    Yes, this course includes it all! From obedience to force fetch to handling and a TON more!

  • So what makes this course different from all the others?

    This course is separated from all the others because of the time we put in prior to release. In every episode, you see, we spent careful planning to make it as detailed as can be for a video! We interviewed over 100 gun-dog owners in order to find out what every other course was missing, shocker...we listened! Mistakes left on the film, more detail included within the teaching portion of the lessons as well as more lessons that do not jump from topic to topic. We walk you through the entire way! We want this course to be for you, about you and made by YOU!

For Our Veterans

Giving back to those who gave it all...

A portion of the enrollment fee is directly placed into helping veterans suffering from PTSD. With that being said, Southern Loon Retrievers is currently raising funds to provide a veteran who is suffering from PTSD and soon to lose his ability to walk the opportunity to continue to enjoy the hunting world with a new gun-dog via this fund! This program is designed for those who have experienced PTSD and trauma alike. Through dogs, we heal.